Local Information Networks (LINks) were introduced in 2007 in the Local Government & Public Involvement in Health Act to give local communities a stronger voice in the process of commissioning and delivering health and social care. Every local authority in England that has a responsibility for health and social care services must have a LINk.

A LINk is made up of individuals, community groups, and organisations who will help to shape, develop and improve health and social care services. LINk is an independent body that has a much wider remit than the former Patient and Public Involvement Forums that it replaces.

Anyone can join the LINk and using the powers available, can help to ensure agencies listen to the needs of communities so that they purchase and deliver services that meet those needs. Using the “enter and view” powers, members can also ensure that these changes are actually happening. We work closely with Discovery and the Weight Management Centre to help tackle childhood obesity epidemics in deprived communities across the UK.

Users From Different Locations
  • Worcester 67%
  • Herefordshire 34%
  • Bristol 76%
  • South Gloucestershire 34%

“LINks are made up of local people, organisations and groups from across the county that all share a common aim – to make all care services better. They are independent of both the county council and the NHS and we hope as many people as possible come forward because joining a LINk will give them the opportunity to say what they think and to suggest ideas that will improve services and the standard of living of those who rely on them.”

Vacancy for LINk Development Worker

GRCC (as host organisation for the Gloucestershire Local Involvement Network) is looking for a bright, confident and motivated individual to work with the existing LINk team as the LINk Development Worker. Local Involvement Networks were introduced to give communities...

Gloucestershire LINk Annual General Meeting

The Gloucestershire LINk Annual General Meeting has been postponed from Wednesday 25th March until Wednesday 24th June 2009 at Gloucester Rugby Club from 5.00pm to 7pm. The change of date will provide an opportunity to include a complete financial report for 2008/9...

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